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Information Technology:
New technology comes and goes with amazing regularity.
We may have more choice, but the problems any business faces in the IT field are no different than those faced 30 years ago.

The "big four" (cost, correctness, user acceptance and scalability) have not changed since the early 1970s - and dozens of businesses around the world had been dealing with these same issues in the early 1960's.

What's wrong with Trivial IT:
Technology is complex. Every expert will confirm this, as will the people who hire and fire them.

Compare the tools we use today to the tools we used just six or seven years ago, and you'll discover something amazing: Complexity is often an excuse for incomplete work. The hallmark of complexity is easy to spot: Lots of trivia to memorize.

For almost a decade, our firm has been solving problems big and small for companies like yours.
Legal, Professional and Financial Services clients represent over 60% of our customer base, but we've also solved complex problems in Manufacturing, Distribution and Healthcare.
bringing up security system

From online banking to process control and company security, we've been making things work and solving unusual problems for clients in 21 states and 9 countries around the world.

When you need someone to represent your business interests in a complex technical situation, we can help.
We specialize in third party liason - helping your vendors, consultants or clients overcome temporary problems that can bring progress to a halt or stall a project at a critical moment.

We can identify the issues, provide straightforward explanations, identify missing information and help resolve the problem - often by providing technical assistance, training and documentation where needed.

Our broad knowledge of the IT field makes us a useful resource for IT departments which are spread too thin or require occasional access to other expertise.

Under extreme cases, Non-clients can obtain support from us for certain UNIX/LINUX/WINDOWS and WAN/LAN applications.

French and Chinese language assistance is generally available - please contact us at least 3 hours prior to any conference calls.